Easily and securely invest in NFTs with fiat or crypto, and seamlessly transfer NFTs to buyers and sellers with one simple integration.

What if I told you that with one widget you could…

✅Quickly and securely buy into and cash out of your NFT of choice.

✅Go from fiat-crypto and crypto-fiat in a flash.

✅On-ramp using the world’s most popular payment methods like credit/debit cards, and Apple Pay.

✅Buy amounts of up…

Our debut integration with Polygon enabled developers to easily integrate Wyre’s Checkout and Card Processing API into their decentralized applications, allowing end users to convert their fiat to the protocol’s USDC token, in less than thirty seconds.

Wyre’s latest integration with Polygon has expanded via the addition of off-ramping capabilities…

Algorand developers will enjoy new integrations including easy fiat-to-crypto on ramping.

Wyre is pleased to announce our latest partnership with Algorand! Starting next month, developers on the Algorand blockchain will enjoy some of Wyre’s top offerings like our Checkout, Card Processing, and Swap APIs.

Thanks to this integration, developers will be able to offer their end-users near-instant payment processing solutions within…


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